Charolais Private Treaty Bulls

Wooden Cross Private Treaty Bull Sales

We sell all our Charolais bulls private treaty which gives us the time to personally get to know you and your program at your convenience as well as to tell you as much about ours that you want to hear. It is important to us that we match you up with the genetics that best fit your overall program assisting you in achieving your goals.

Our bulls are “Raised Rough to be Tough” in a ranch environment, not a padded stall barn. We understand that soundness and the ability for a young bull to trail a cow and get her bred is very important. For us, it is survival of the fittest only allowing the strongest of our herd’s genetics to be passed on through planned natural cover and in-herd AI mating’s. Our closed herd Charolais program of nearly 20 years provides predictable young sires for our customers.

We feel that favorable maternal traits help us to produce better young Charolais herd sires for you. With traits such as sound structure, moderation, fertility and calf raising ability also comes efficiency. Easy fleshing and the ability to gain weight efficiently will add more to your bottom line than any other single trait. We continue to identify the very best of our easy fleshing cost effective cow families and sire groups as we build on our closed herd program. It’s all about quality and pounds with the lowest input costs possible that will provide you with the most favorable results. So, whether you sell calves at weaning time, yearlings after growing, or go all the way to harvest against a grid, our bulls will provide you with added pounds and premiums.

Below are just a few of the things that are important to us as seed-stock producers and should be to you also as you choose a bull provider.

  • The longevity of our bulls is second to none
  • Bulls are developed slowly – not pushed
  • Closed herd which adds consistency and predictability
  • Calving ease on all our sire groups
  • Large number of bulls to choose from
  • Rapid growth from birth to weaning/yearling/harvest
  • Efficiency/conversation/lower cost of gains
  • Incredible docility - our bulls are very easy to handle in all regards
  • Fence broke – taught to respect a fence from early on
  • All bulls are registered with full performance data
  • Ranch raised bulls saving us $ saving you $
  • Bulls are reasonably priced throughout the offering.

Here’s the bottom line. If you’re looking for a production sale day sandwich and an Atta’boy-girl announcement from a fast talking auctioneer or sales manager with a follow-up of your name in the paper for buying a bull (too high)….do not call….this is not the place for you. However, if you would like to evaluate some of the best Charolais genetics in the country at your own pace without all the smoke and mirrors, please come visit us. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed. Thank you.

Contact Merle or Chase anytime.

  • Merle Schlehuber, 620-381-1712,
  • Chase Gann, 620-877-7237,

We are Wooden Cross… the cattle business… Cattle Company.

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